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The questionnaire has to be filled to attend a yoga class with us.

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    High blood pressureAny heart/stroke conditionAsthma/breathing difficultiesPain/tightness in chestMajor injuries/operationsPounding, palpitating heartBack painNeck/shoulder painRegular headachesArthritisBroken bonesKnee/ankle problems
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    you are not sure if you should do yoga because of any health issues, your doctor will be able to advise you.
    Ladies, are you pregnant? if yes tick the box.
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    In the early stage of pregnancy, it is not recommended to begin a yoga practice. After 12 weeks of pregnancy there will be modifications you can incorporate. Towards the end of your pregnancy it is also recommended to suspend your practice. Listening and connecting to your body will also tell you when to stop as it could be earlier for you.
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    During the class listen to the instructions carefully and always let common sense prevail. Yoga is non-competitive.

    Statement: I have read and understood the foregoing and answered all the questions to my satisfaction. In consideration, I hereby waive the right to all and any claims against the teacher for any injury or adverse change in my state of health arising directly or indirectly from my participation in classes.
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