Calm, Centered and Enlivened!

We have TWO classes on Monday, one early from 6 to 7am and the other one at 9:30 to 10:30

Cedric’s sense of fun is infectious!

1- Mondays Rise and Shine Early with Cedric 6-7am Online

Thanks to Healthy Active Moreton, most of the year is FREE for MBRC residents. Next round begins 25th July! In the meantime you can still join Cedric each week for the usual class cost of $10.

Here’s the meeting link!

New Participants; Register your details once with the health questionnaire.

Register each week for Healthy Active sponsored sessions at the following link;

Suitable for most people who can get up and down from the mat. Newbies are welcome. No ankles behind your ears, we promise!

2-Mondays with Kirsten 9.30-10.30am

Suitable for most people who can get up and down from the mat. Newbies welcome! Start on your feet, warm and open the body gradually with standing spinal movements, sun salutations, standing postures make up the majority of the class before we move to our active seated postures and savasana 🙂

All NEW participants to Youtopia Yoga. Complete the HEALTH QUESTIONNAIRE prior to zoom registration and attendance.

Clink the link for the class you are choosing. Zoom will ask you for your details and which dates you would like to select.

  • Your MEETING link and PASSWORD will then be emailed to you. If you don’t get your link back within an hour simply re-register. Its a great idea to SAVE your meeting links and passwords to a word document for easy retrieval, especially when attending multiple classes in a week.
  • Plan to join the meeting at least 10 minutes before our class begins to get set up with your tech and settle.
  • Zoom security has asked for participants to be accepted manually by hosts into the meeting as you arrive so ensure you arrive BEFORE class begins.  No late entries accepted once we start teaching.
  • Transfer your payment to the following account;
  • Name 04 NRG Pty Ltd
  • BSB 064405
  • Acc  10442916