Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a very different style of class. Often mistaken as being the same as Yin yoga, Restorative Yoga poses are extremely gentle yet deeply effective as we ease into stillness. 

Remember, “No  pain = No  pain.”  🙂

It’s about a total gear change into our right brain.  We give ourselves lots of time and space to drop all the walls and operate from our para-sympathetic nervous system. Sometimes called “rest and digest” mode, this shifts our body and mind into a more healing, happy home.

Next event TBA due to Restrictions

The “Supper Room”

Caboolture Memorial Hall, King St

Time TBA………..

Cost $50 pp

Pre-pay by ……TBA…………

 Wear comfy clothes, even your PJ’s!

We use clean bolsters, rolled yoga blankets as ‘mini bolsters and eye pillows as our props. Bring your own water, yoga mat and blanket for warmth. You are welcome to use your own bolster and eye pillow too if you prefer.

If you are unable to make it or are unwell, please let us know so we can hold your credit for another time.

FIRST TIME? Youtopia Yoga participants will need to complete a Health Questionnaire prior to the event. Any questions please contact us here. See you soon 🙂