90 minute Restorative Yoga Online

Restorative yoga is a very different style of class. Often mistaken as being the same as Yin yoga, Restorative Yoga poses are extremely gentle yet deeply effective as we ease into stillness. 

Remember, “No  pain = No  pain.”  🙂

It’s about a total gear change into our right brain. The para-sympathetic nervous system. This shifts our body into healing mode.

Next event Sunday 7th June

Cost $20 via EFT

 Prepare your space with love! Maybe a candle, burn some oils.  Wear comfy clothes, even your PJ’s!

Create your restorative nest…

Use, cushions, pillows, a bolster if you have one. If not, a blanket you can roll up into a bolster shape works great. We use these to make ‘mini bolsters’. An eye pillow or mask if you have one. Plus an extra blanket put over you if needed.

Use a device that allows you the best sound possible for your experience.

FIRST TIME? Youtopia Yoga participants will need to complete a Health Questionnaire prior to the event. Any questions please contact us here. See you soon 🙂