Private Well-Being Sessions

“What’s true for you will always make you feel lighter and what makes you feel heavy is a lie.”   ~ Dr Dain Heer.

What does life look like when I am consciously aligning and living with what my heart knows to be true?

This question is fundamental to our personal philosophy, and we hold this heart centerd space for you. 

Sessions can include “Running the Bars”, an Access Consciousness method of connecting with 32 points on the head that create an effect like a ‘defrag’ on your bio-computer (brain) and or Reiki.

While you relax deeply in the zero gravity chair, looking out into the trees from the back deck, we talk and clear the blocks you may be experiencing that can stop you from listening to your truth and creating the future you know is possible.

Contact me via email to book or if you have any questions. My Mob number will be given when you have sent an email so that it will facilitate communication and it is more human like. 🙂 or will create zoom link if you are far away.

“Our primary language is vibration.”~ Bruce Lipton

1 hour sessions; donation required $75  ($60 student, pensioner or senior) or book and pre-pay for 4 sessions and pay the discounted pensioner rate. One session can take longer than 1 hour depending on what is required for your well-being.