Therapy session with Cedric (Counselling /Journey work/ other modalities)


     Life can shake loose the things we may have been too busy to face before. Clear out the hidden saboteurs to your mental and emotional wellbeing. There’s never been a better time to choose greater for you and the world.

Ask yourself through this healing: What would my life look like having taken time to myself to look at what really matters to create ease, joy and success?

A session using The Journey therapies may be the shift you’ve been seeking. I will also use other modalities like Reiki, Access consciousness tool, Healing drum resonance  and body work depending of what is required at that time.

Private sessions available face to face, on the phone or using the Zoom platform.

Experiencing any of the following?

•A prevalence of fear, anxiety or stress?

•Feeling stuck or that there’s just got to be more to life?

•Anger and frustration dominate your days?

•Ill health or ongoing physical issues?

•Unhealthy behaviours or circumstances leave you feeling depressed?

•Wanting more fulfilment and healing in relationships?

• A desire to move foward and create lasting change?

If yes then the choice is yours to do something about it.

Contact me via email to book or if you have any questions. My Mob number will be given when you have sent an email so that it will facilitate communication and it is more human like. 🙂 or zoom link if you are far away.

Watch this informative video about The Journey by Brandon Bays;

1 hour sessions; donation required $75  ($60 student, pensioner or senior) or book and pre-pay for 4 sessions and pay the discounted pensioner rate. One session can take longer than 1 hour depending on what is required for your well-being.