Personalised Yoga Sessions

Would you like a personalised Yoga and or Pilates session? Do you have specific needs or goals you want assistance with, in the comfort of your home? Kirsten can help you to develop a personal practice. One that is tailored to your needs and your time.

She will help you work out your “Dosha”. This is your energetic type according to the ancient healing art of Ayurveda. This will help you better understand your foundational type as well as imbalances you may have. These can be addressed through diet as well as your individual asana practice.

An initial 20-30 minute conversation on the phone will help determine your needs and goals as well as your doshic type. From there we will book a time for Kirsten to come to you and take you through your personal prescription. This session will be 60 minutes.

Cost of initial consultation and face to face; $75

(Caboolture area)

Subsequent face to face 60 minute sessions for people living in the Caboolture area; $60.

Call 0438 549 933